What Is Volatility ?

We will discuss a very important topic, volatility, what does volatility mean?
When the price fluctuates a lot.
There is also something in your personal life that is very unstable.
What is this? personal life? too unstable? mood. The mood is so unstable. you feel great sometimes
And then you start feeling bad and feel good again. It happens to everyone and it is unique, not linear. it fluctuates


But if you consider the long term, the mood stabilizes with growth, there is a pattern both professionally and personally. Who influences your mood? circle of influence. There are internal ones, which are self and external, external people who affect your mood,
Even nature has an impressive authority. Planetary action, stars and moon also affect your mood
That’s why people pay attention to astrology. People think that astrology is deceiving. But this is not true, there is a science behind it. Each person has a unique DNA that is affected by the date and time of birth
The movement of planetary movements also affects your mood. Do you believe in it? No, I didn’t believe it even when I was little.
It’s just to celebrate, but as you get older, you realize that there is some other force that is affecting me and my mood.
Some people call it God. There is some force that is affecting you. Same in stock market. Someone is affecting a stock You know one of those operators. He will influence to trick you into taking positions according to you or the operator will want the stock to behave according to their position.
Every operator has a character just like human beings. Some operators are calm and soft-hearted, so they do not trade actively.
Some are very aggressive who trade actively. Promoters are also a category of operators.
Some promoters being operators is a possibility. These promoters work less in their business and more in their stock, they enjoy actively trading in their stock.
The volatility of each stock is determined by its own intrinsic character and the people trading in it are external influencers,


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