Stock Market Investing lessons Of Ramesh Damani

Ramesh Damani ‘s Investing Lessons For Stock Market

Ramesh Damani – Today the investor we are going to talk about he in the time of Harshad Mehta earned 100 crore plus before that he was a broker but in Harshad Mehta’s time his close friends became Rakesh Jhunjhunwala ji, Radhakishan damani ji and his entire circle

friends today i will tell you the 5 most important lesson which we can learn from ace investor Ramesh damani ji, so lets start first let me confess something about Ramesh ji that I will not portray him from middle class family because he has not come from a middle class family a normal middle class family in 1980s specially if father would give him 10,000 in 1980s

plus sponsor his foreign education without taking lone plus if he says to invest 10,000 in stock market and if you fail no problem, and he failed too so I won’t call this type of family a middle class family

Ramesh Damani

why? am saying correct ?

so family wise he was good and am talking about Ramesh damani ji so just because he had a rich father he didn’t reach to such a big status obviously it has a little factor that’s why there are many such things from which we can learn from Ramesh ji I want to give a balance view that’s why I have given disclaimer and understand those 5 lesson, so lets start first thing that you can learn from Ramesh jii is that on the basis of sentiments never measure your long terms bets in the form of example when Infosys’s IPO came it was not interested at all , Ramesh ji had lots of trust on Infosys and their promoters that’s the reason he started picking Infosys shares in a large quantity even in the stating Infosys didn’t gave the performance but he knows how Infosys is counted now we all know its a blue chip company, we all know every mutual fund has a heavy exposer from here we get a lesson that always remain consistent with your research and conviction

because it is not necessary that what others are saying is correct so depend on your conviction 2nd, next thing we get to learn from Ramesh damani ji is when you get a sector bargain get in a low price which has a big scope and if  no one has noticed it but you have noticed

than make sure you take  it a large quantity many time happens that we identify such a sector lets take an example 10 years before from you some one had identified banking sector banking is the blood of economy and this is going to run in India,  then he would buy he shares

but if he didn’t bought in sufficient quantity even he had money, am assuming that he had money what’s the result even after having the right view I see many of them in social media they say my view was correct but what’s the use you didn’t took it in large amount like Ramesh ji studied on alcohol and at certain point came to know that whole sector is available in low price in upcoming 8-10 years he a huge money from it

from here you get an lesson when you identify a growing sector from before then invest on it,

with this lets move to next lesson the thing is, from Ramesh ji’s alcohol story an interesting thing came in my mind Ramesh ji says when you look this whole world the stocks which give maximum return over a long period off time they are from tobacco’s stocks or from alcohol stocks and we call them Sin stocks but when you see Philip Morris it gave a good return

Ramesh ji says that human can leave any thing but they can’t leave their habits so friends do comment say from tobacco or from alcoholic which is your favorite company from Indian context

so lets move towards the next lesson that we learn from Ramesh ji he says that you can became a good investor when you have A to Z knowledge on your investment it means you must know about the market cap, scope, CAGR, ROE, of your investment and you must know who are the competitors

Ramesh ji also has a good habit he was a good reader he reads a lot and he keeps him self updated about the future investment, future beds etc

Ramesh ji never says that you should read only investment and finance related books and he also says that time to time you should also see newspaper, articles, vlogs because this things increases your view without taking others opinion you can create your own view an holistic view by your self

finally their is a famous Post of Ramesh ji from their he has given an important lesson

which will help you a lot in share investment and that is 1st things he has explained Benjamin Graham’s Power of 72 in a good way and popularized , those who don’t know let me explain in nut shell the way you can know how your investment will be doubled in how much time divide your rate of interest with 72 for example in todays day if you invest in fixed deposit lets take it 6% after subtracting TDS its not even that much then 72 divide by 6, your money will take 12 years to double if you put in fixed deposit

by the way in whole compounding I have already made a video on my youtube channel –

Power Of Compounding In Stock Market By Trade Booster

if you haven’t watched it till know then defiantly go and check out that is defiantly going to help you out

so friends those where the 5 important lesson from Ramesh Damani ji which can help you to become a good investor,

hope so you have learn something new today and if you loved then press the bell button


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