1% of people like Elon Musk do this

Hey friends! Elon musk, is one of the most visionary person of this generation Who,

his thinking through his companies Is changing the whole world In Fact many people say that That nowadays we are living in Elon Era Which is a kind of truth Because in today’s time Elon Musk, is creating history With the help of his companies In a interview when Elon Musk was asked That, behind doing so much What is his motive Then he answered I am not trying to be anyone’s saviour

I’m not telling you that you should be the savior too, I am trying to think about the future And not to be sad Elon Musk is Also know as real life superhero Yes it is there That he does not have any superpowers But Elon’s intentions Are of a real superhero Just like a superhero To protect humanity Fights against all the odds In the same way Elon is also doing something like that only

Elon Musk

He believes that The manner in which on earth Climate is changing Global warming And population is increasing So due to all those reasons The chances increase That for the survival of humanity Our earth will not be enough Or if any meteor come and fall And destroys human As it had happened with the dinosaurs Or if next world war takes place In which human being will start destroying human being Then due to all those reasons Earth can be destroyed And if any such bad thing happens Then for that We should have a backup plan And Elon’s backup plan is To make humans multi planet species Which means for survival of humanity

We don’t just depend on the earth But to save humanity In future, Elon Musk Want to send people on Mars Now obviously Maximum people think this as an impossible task But Elon says that If everything goes according to the plan Then till year 2030 Colonization will start on Mars And we will start being multi planet species And not only that With this larger than life vision Elon Musk today Is running 6 companies

Which are Spacex, Tesla Neuralink, Open AI The Boring company And the Solar city All these companies Are moving ahead with an amazing vision And the reason behind so many achievements His unbreakable constructive habits With the help of which He has trained his mind in such a way That he can handle so many things together Now today in this postI will share some such powerful habits Of Elon Musk

That if you will develop Then you will also develop mindset like him And you will be able to achieve big things Like Elon Musk Now from these some habits

habbit That is Elon’s key habit Which makes him different from others , The thing that Makes Elon Musk from others CEO Is that Elon Musk is one of the leaders Who, his companies products Like cars, rocket The science behind them He understands it properly Physics, Maths, Computer science And Engineering

He has very wide knowledge Whenever Elon Musk talks to his companies experts And discusses problems Then he can understand everything properly And he can also understand the science behind it Due to which He can find good solutions Very soon Kevin Brogan, Who is an engineer in spacex factory He tells that One day Elon suddenly came to him And started questioning him that How does this component works?

What type of valve is this? And many such technical questions he began to ask Now in starting Kevin thought That Elon Musk is testing him He is checking That the work which Kevin is doing In that how much knowledge he has But Kevin says after that That Elon Musk was not testing knowledge by asking questions

But he was learning from him That how does component works What is the science behind it Where does the problems occur And what can be it’s solutions And not only with Kevin He used to keep on asking question to many Until he doesn’t absorb 90% knowledge of the person Author says that

The person who keeps on learning Can be divided into some categories, First one are Dash shaped person Now these are the one Who have very broad and shallow knowledge in different topic Which means they have a lot of knowledge But they are not expert in any field On which there is a quote Jack of all trades but master of none These are the first type of people Second are I shaped people Whom we call specialist Such people who are masters of 1 field And they have deep knowledge in 1 area Such people stay on their path only

They do not change the path And they solve those problems only In which they have expertise And the last one are T shaped people In this comes Elon Musk His wide knowledge base Makes him a T shaped people Who have very deep knowledge or skill Of an area They also are expert But along with that Their knowledge of other areas also Is quite strong Author says that By becoming a T shaped person You can be a master on a field Because over here you You don’t be limited to any 1 field ,


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