What is Enterprise value?

What is Enterprise value? Why is it used by so many successful investors? And what are all the parts of the equation that make up this important method? All the answers coming up. It makes me feel happy to know that you’re reading this post.I am excited for you to take this small step on … Read more

Future Value Of Money


In this post, we are going to talk about the future value of the annuity. This post is a part of a post series where we are discussing the time value of money In this first post, I’ve talked about the basics of the time value of money. Then we’ve talked about future value. Normal … Read more

In which sector should we invest in the share market?


In which sector you should put your money if you are investing in the stock market, there is one way to invest in the stock market, which is a top-down approach The top-down approach means which country you want to put your money in And in that country which sector you want to put your money … Read more

How To Use VWAP In Stock Market? Vwap Trading Strategy

Vwap Trading Strategy – Hello friends! Welcome back to my blog. The next post will be in English. As you all know that I have made many posts previously on intraday in which I have discussed many strategies, however, I have tried to keep it as simple as possible for you to understand. We sometimes … Read more

How To Trade In Your 20s?


Trade in Your 20s – So let’s extend that in this post and talk about Trading. In the last post, I said that we would do the same thing related to trading. There is an age in trading. It’s an important parameter. But except for age, there is one more parameter that we have to … Read more

Multibagger Golden Stocks To Buy Now For Long Term

Hello everyone how are you all and what’s going on? By Reading the Poster of the Post, you must have understood that what is special in today’s Post, we are going to talk about 2 Golden stocks. Those who have earned a lot of money to the investor, one of which is the diamond of … Read more

Best Stocks To Buy Now For Multibagger Return

In today’s Post, we have brought 3 multi-bagger stocks of 100-150 rupees, but there is also a jackpot in the last  But don’t take just by listening to the name of the multi-bagger, there is another story because this fall most of the people who traded after listening to the name of the stock.  So … Read more

Debt To Equity Ratio Explained

you are welcome to fintekinfo.com, In this post, we will discuss a very important ratio  Which is the debt to equity ratio  The  Debt to equity ratio is the solvency ratio  All the investors and analysts see it very carefully  And why is that?  I will tell you the reason.  See when you invest in … Read more

How To Avoid Loss In Stock/Forex Trading?

How To Avoid Loss – Well, Till now you have heard from many people that if you want to trade then you have to learn and trade but they also take learn and they learn technical analysis and learn to apply indicators and learn to identify the trend and how to see a breakout and … Read more

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